Dream a Little Dream of Me by Ella Fitzgerald

In a time when rap and hip hop songs use profanity for effect, it is refreshing to hear a simple tune like this with words such as “hush, little baby” and “your daddy’s rich and your ma’s good looking.” This is the kind of song that lullabies were made of. It’s not only a nostalgic reminder of a simpler time, but also a soothing reminder that we have much to be thankful for.

The set is a treat and contains some of Fitzgerald’s finest recordings. It includes a live performance from a radio show with Bing Crosby joining in, two numbers recorded at a Hollywood Bowl jazz concert in 1956 and even a bunch of outtakes from their recording sessions. Among the best tracks is a version of the standard “A Foggy Day” that combines her vocal and Armstrong’s trumpet in a soaring duet. Several of the other songs on this album have been previously released on other albums by the duo and they all sound fresh and original.

The song has been covered by a number of artists and has achieved high chart success. A 1968 single by Cass Elliot with The Mamas & the Papas was followed a year later by Anita Harris and more than 40 other versions have been recorded including the Mills Brothers, Sylvie Vartan, Henry Mancini, The Beautiful South, Anne Murray, Erasure, Michael Buble and Italian vocal group Blue Penguin (see below: List of recorded versions). It is played at various times during the opening and closing credits of the film Cinema Verite and used for the recurring character of Artie Abrams in the TV series Glee. ella fitzgerald dream a little dream of me