Fenben For Humans

A medicine commonly used at the veterinarian’s office has been repurposed to help humanity fight back against mammoth maladies like cancer. Fenben, available online in powder and capsule form from reputable suppliers like Safe Guard and Fenben Lab, works as an anti-parasitic medication that spurs tumor regression in various cancer types while being compatible with other common treatments including chemotherapy and radiation.

Fenben is a benzimidazole, an anti-parasitic drug with broad action that affects microtubule dynamics in cells. This disruption of cell structure enables cancer cells to become trapped in a state of senescence, a form of cell death in which the microtubules no longer spin. Unlike many chemotherapy drugs, fenben does not destroy DNA, and it does not have the same side effects associated with radiation therapy.

Several reports have popped up on the internet in which people claim to have used fenbendazole to treat their own cancers. A prominent example is Joe Tippens, a lung cancer patient who self-administered the dog dewormer fenbendazole along with CBD oil, turmeric, and vitamin E, referred to as the Joe Tippens Protocol. He was told by his oncologist that he had a few months to live, but his protocol proved successful and he is now cancer-free.

Research into fenbendazole’s potential for cancer treatment is underway, and it is encouraging. It has been shown to effectively inhibit the growth of human xenograft tumors through disruption of microtubule dynamics and modulation of p53 activation as well as down regulation of GLUT transporters and key glycolytic enzymes.fenben for humans