Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations

As one of the largest technology organizations in the world, microsoft solutions can supply you with the tools and resources to streamline processes for long-term efficiency and competitive advantage. These include a range of cloud applications such as Power BI, Azure and the Viva artificial intelligence and low-code automation capabilities.

The Microsoft solutions partner designations provide incremental benefits for partners who demonstrate proficiency across a specific solution area. This new model replaces the 18 legacy competencies and has six designated solution areas: Digital and App Innovation, Modern Work, Security, Data and AI and Infrastructure Solutions. Each solution area has a different set of requirements that include growth metrics like revenue, customer success and certifications. There is also a new way to track progress in Partner Center that breaks this down by solution area.

Achieving a solutions partner designation requires significant investment in skills, accreditations and business processes to meet the new requirements. This level of commitment is designed to give businesses confidence that they are working with a trusted partner who can support their specific project needs and help them drive outcomes that matter to them.

To get started, sign in to Partner Center and select Solutions. Choose the industry area that best reflects your capability and click the Capability cards to see available solutions and dependencies required to deploy them. Once you’ve selected a capability card, choose Quick view to learn more about the solution and access links for more information. Then, if you are ready to begin deploying, select Go to setup or Add. microsoft solutions