What Are Pastries and Pies?

Pastries and pies are versatile desserts that can be sweet or savory, hot or cold. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the common element is a pastry casing that covers or completely contains a filling.

A dough made from flour and butter or oil that is rolled flat, cut into pieces or folded to make a pastry case. It is usually brushed with beaten egg, or an egg wash, before baking to give it a golden brown color and added texture.

The European cousins of the dessert pie, a tart is a baked pastry that has a small amount of filling inside a crust. Tarts can be either sweet or savory, and their fillings can be baked with the crust, like in a Lemon Tart, or added afterwards, like in a Fresh Fruit Tart.

In a lattice-top pie, a pastry is used to cover the entire surface of the pie in a criss-crossing pattern of strips. This can be a decorative touch or a functional addition, allowing water and juices from some pies to escape during cooking.

A ring-shaped steamed Chinese pastry filled with a mix of lotus seeds and other fillings. This is a common snack in many Asian countries. معجنات وفطائر