Which Card Machines Are Right For Your Business?

Whether you want to add a card machine to your business, or looking for a complete point of sale (POS) solution with integrated payment processing, there are a wide range of options on the market. From countertop and mobile card readers, to virtual and fully integrated solutions – each with their own unique set of functionalities. The key thing to bear in mind is that the card machine you choose should meet your business needs both now, and for several years down the line.

Card machines, or merchant terminals as they’re sometimes called, act as a bridge between a customer’s credit card and their bank. They’re responsible for scanning the card’s details, authenticating the card, and then communicating with your payment processor. The processor will then seek approval from the card-issuing bank to ensure that the money has been transferred into your account. Once the transaction is approved, a signal is sent back to the machine and a receipt is printed.

Depending on your business type, you’ll also need to decide which types of cards you want to be able to accept. For example, if you’re a restaurant or food truck, you may need to select a machine that can process tap and chip payments for customers who want to pay using Apple Pay. It’s also worth checking if you can get the machine you want with your chosen provider, as some offer a bespoke onboarding service for small businesses and sole traders. card machines