Fire Smoke Odour Removal

After a fire destroys your home and contents, you will need to clean and deodorise everything before moving back in. Fire smoke odors can be extremely difficult to remove and can permeate deep into fabric items, such as drapes, carpeting and furniture. The main reason that removing the smell of smoke is so challenging is because a lot depends on what caused the fire, how long it burned for and what materials were affected by the flames.

To start, make sure that the property has sufficient ventilation. Find your most powerful fan and open the front door facing it into the property to encourage a flow of fresh air into the area. This will help to disperse the odours into the outside environment, rather than keeping them in your home.

Next, clean the surface areas of your walls and ceilings to remove any lingering dust particles. This can be done using cleaning products and a soft cloth. Be sure to wipe all picture frames, decorations and knick-knacks to remove any remaining odours.

You will then need to take any fabric items, such as curtains, area rugs and furniture covers, and wash them thoroughly in hot water with a strong detergent. These should then be stored away from the house until you are sure that the odours have been completely removed. Lastly, it is essential to use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to rid your property of any soot, which also contains odours. fire smoke odour removal