Womens Suits That Work With You, Not Against You

Womens suits can feel like a fashion splurge, but well-crafted pieces that stand the test of time and work with you, not against you, will pay dividends. Stylist Sarah Meikle suggests starting with your personal style and the setting where you intend to wear the suit (for example, do you want it for smart-casual or formal events). Next, ask yourself what fabrics appeal to you (for cold weather and luxe longer-term investment go for wool, textured plaid or silk; note they require dry cleaning). For warmer days opt for cotton, linen or polyester blends which are breathable and usually machine washable.

Then, if you’re going for a sleek, tailored look, choose slim fit styles that sit close to the body for maximum definition and a flattering silhouette. Or, for a relaxed and more casual approach, choose a suit in a wide leg trouser or a straight cut that’s oversized yet stylish. Then, for a look that’s directional and fashion forward, add a pop of colour with your accessories. Take inspiration from Irina Shayk, who layered her checked suit with a classic T-shirt and high heels for a glamorous black-tie event.

Women’s suits have a rich and boundary-pushing history that began with actress Sarah Bernhardt wearing her “boy’s clothes” on stage in 1870 and continued with Georgio Armani championing androgynous shoulder pads, and trailblazing Senators Barbara Mikulski and Carol Moseley-Braun overturning the Congressional ban on women wearing trousers. Nowadays, whether you’re a power woman or just need an outfit for a big day at the office, the right suit can help you to feel polished, poised and ready to conquer. Womens suits