What is the WPM Test?

WPM test is a standard typing speed measurement used in online typing tests and typing games to express how many words you can type per minute. This measure is important in evaluating your typing skills and can be compared with other typists’ performance in order to find out how much faster or slower you are than others.

It is recommended to practice touch typing instead of using the “hunt and peck” method, which involves looking at the keyboard for the character key you wish to press and then pressing it. By learning to touch type you can improve your typing speed and increase productivity. Some people are able to reach 30 or more words per minute with formal typing practice such as typing lessons and playing online typing games. Other people may be able to achieve higher typing speeds than this with practice such as taking online typing tests regularly or by practicing on a condensed laptop keyboard instead of a full-sized desktop computer keyboard.

The ideal typing speed depends on the job you are doing, but most office jobs require a minimum of 40 wpm or more. For example, executive assistants need to be able to quickly take meeting minutes and draft emails, and call center and customer service reps need to write detailed notes during each phone call.

Our free wpm test is quick and easy to use and provides an accurate reading of your typing speed. It is also customizable and includes a timer, a list of errors, and a summary report. wpm test