Womens Slouch Socks

The 80s and 90’s are back with this super comfy slouchy look! Our new lightweight scrunch socks are a perfect way to add a touch of fashion without the bulk. Made of the softest baby alpaca these socks are so comfortable, itch free and warm with a little bit of stretch to fit the foot and calves perfectly. The slightly ruffled top and contrasting thread adds a soft fashion touch to any outfit. Wear them with sneakers, oversized T-shirts and leggings or pull them up under boots!

Also known as loose socks, baggy socks, or ruched socks, slouchy socks have been popular in Japan since the 1980s. They are a key piece of the Kogal culture where teens wear them with their school uniforms. The style flatters plump calves and is a form of rebellion against strict school uniforms. In the US, slouchy socks are more commonly found among teens and college students. There are two primary types of slouchy socks, defined by the knitting pattern on the upper portion: “flat-knit” slouch socks have no elastic and feature a squared-off ribbing while “rib-knit” slouchy socks have rounded ribbing.

When it comes to finding the right pair of slouch socks for you, personal preference and your shoes are a big factor. Thick and warm, the right pair of slouchy socks can be worn scrunched down around your ankle for a cute vintage look or pulled up high under heels. The thickness and length of the slouch can also vary depending on the shoe you want to pair them with (for example, a boot sock will be longer than a slide sock). Whatever your personal style is, there’s a slouchy sock out there that’s just for you. womens slouch socks